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Here are a list of books that I have read and websites/blogs that I follow:

Please Follow on ALL Social Media. These websites are also on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook. I say this KNOWING you already KNOW this and probably DO this, but you need to maximize all social media use. Facebook may not be your “go to” for social media but many people still use it. What is posted on one platform, may not be posted on another. Don’t miss out on amazing opportunities and info!

BUSTED! No More Excuses! “I don’t have the money to invest in all these books!” or “I Don’t Have the Time to Read! I’m in rehearsal or preparing for an audition.”

Many of these books are available at your public library! A library card is FREE! You can even have library ebooks on your devices. As for time, 10 minutes a day is all you need. I read while waiting in the car, or taking the train. Download as an audiobook if reading isn’t your bag. There are NO excuses to not get the information in this day and age.


Karen’s Picks:

INVEST in TAP: TEEN ARTS PASS. Sign up is FREE.  This makes you eligible to see participating shows in the city of Chicago for as low as $5. That’s cheaper than a movie! www.Teenartpass.urbangateways.org

Letters From Backstage: The Adventures of a Touring Stage Actor – Michael Kostroff

An interesting and fun Read. Michael takes us through the entire process of auditioning for a National Tour and maintaining on a lengthy run and travel adventures as he tours city to city.



The Actor’s Life: A Survival Guide – Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer (The Office) takes you through her journey as a struggling artist in LA.  While the focus is on navigating the world of tv and film, it is an informative book with lessons that apply to theatre as well.  Fischer has wonderful way of writing making this an enjoyable and informative read.


Failing up – Leslie Odom Jr.

A quick and easy read.  Interesting with a few motivational tidbits.  Only one major take away for me personally. Hamilton fans will enjoy the chapters on that part of his journey.



NON Theatre Books that will help you achieve your Goals:

The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right – Atul Gawande. Something so simple can have such positive power in your life. Organization is a life long struggle for me. Even applying a few of the principles in this book (and yes – they are common sense) have eliminated so much stress and freed up energy for me to focus, be more productive and more positive.  It is a well written book that is an easy and interesting read.



Websites & Blogs:

Performink.com – Wonderful resource that gives audition information for Chicago and Kansas City. Read reviews of shows and find other theatrical resources.  A must for the Chicago actor!

Playbill.com – Gives great up to date information of what’s happening on Broadway and what is coming. Also, great interviews and videos

Broadwayworld.comGreat websites for broadway shows and beyond. Interesting reviews and interviews as well.

Onstageblog.comAn interesting and fun resource with a variety of topics concerning theatre. Advice, Do’s & Don’ts. Highlighting College Programs and other training options.  Peeks into struggles and successes of the teaching artist.

Backstage.com – A great site with not only audition notices (that portion you pay for!).  I currently don’t have a paid subscription but still get access to wonderful articles filled with tons of “real life” advice from all facets of the business.

Dance Spirit Magazine – Their website along with their print magazine does focus on dance – ALL GENRES!! Musical Theatre, Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop.  Great articles and interviews with professionals who can give a glimpse into the performing world. It is good to be educated on these dancers and choreographers.  This magazine does a great job of keeping up with all the dance shows on Broadway. Many tips and tricks for the dance bag which easily apply to the actor’s audition bag!